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We know there are many instructors to choose from, however, we believe we offer some of the most complete and informative classes in Texas. Choosing to obtain your license to carry (LTC) is a big decision and not one that comes lightly. By choosing to obtain your LTC, you will not only be more prepared to protect yourself, but also your family. Instructor Dale has extensive law enforcement service and training with a vast knowledge of current laws. Classes are relaxed and enjoyable but will give you the knowledge needed to survive a deadly encounter.

License to Carry Class

$90.00 (including range fee)

  • Takes 4-6 hours (+range time)

  • Class can be at your home, office, place of worship, or just about anywhere with electricity and an area to setup computer/screen.

  • For those that are already proficient with a handgun or completed the "Beginner Handgun Class."

Beginner Handgun Class

$75.00 (including range fee)

  • Takes 1.5 hours or 90 mins

  • Perfect for those that are not proficient with a semi-automatic or revolver.

  • Learn all about your weapon -- how to safely operate, carry, maintain (clean), and store it.

  • Highly recommended to take this before "License to Carry Class."

Advanced Handgun Class

$100.00 (including range fee)

  • Takes 1.5 to 2 hours

  • For accomplished shooters that just want to become more advanced.

  • Learn how to draw and shoot instinctively to hit multiple targets.

  • Shoot like they do in law enforcement -- in a relaxed setting while having fun.


  • Handgun (32) caliber or larger (unloaded).

  • 1x50 round box of ammo or more.

  • Eye & ear protection (if you have it). If not we can provide it for free.

If you don't have a handgun or ammo, we can provide them for an extra fee of $35.00.